Castings for Military and Defense Applications

Using various alloys and adhering to strict manufacturing specifications to ensure durability, reliability, and safety, we make a series of casted parts that are applicable in the military and defense industry. Thanks to our decades of experience and our well-equipped in-house production base, all types of military and defense components, including those with complex geometries and intricate designs can be casted.

Military and Defense Component Casting Portfolio

TLP Casting is a certified investment casting and die casting manufacturer that has partnered with numerous military & defense institutions, providing high-quality casted components. Our casting capabilities include manufacturing different parts, such as armament components, actuator components, fin castings, missile components, injection seat components, and receivers.

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Dedicated Support From Casting Specialists

Consultation & Design Analysis

You get direct access to our casting specialists to discuss your project challenges and needs. The outcome of this is a one-on-one consultation that results in the best design to use, suitable size and weight, number of gates, and other important points that influence your project success.

Rapid Prototype

Following the conclusion of your design analysis, it's tested for validity. With the help of our highly-skilled engineers and advanced technology, we bring your vision to life by making a quick prototype at a cost-effective price.

Approved Sampling

There are more than 80 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys to ensure you find a material that best suits your project. Heat treatment and hardness testing, as well as some custom finishing can be applied to boost the performance and aesthetic of your castings. All these are done within 2 weeks.

Manufacturing Excellence

For the past 20 years, TLP has been in operation, providing diverse metal casting. You will benefit from our wealth of experience and your products, including those complex geometries and hard-to-manufacture designs will stand out on the market.

Quality Management

As a certified ISO 9001-2015 manufacturer, we prioritize quality production in all our manufacturing stages starting from the sourcing of raw materials. Also using our in-house CNC machining capabilities, your metal castings are manufactured properly.

Industry-specific Experience

Having perfect understanding of the various kinds of metals and casting methods, we make parts for various applications, like armored vehicles, firearm and heavy armament components, and many more.

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