Castings for Aerospace Applications

TLP Casting provides dimensionally accurate aerospace castings with high performance. They are built to be heat treated and quality tested to ensure optimal functionality in critical engines and applications that emit extreme heat, corrosion, and wear. Using a variety of materials and the flexibility to combine both rapid prototype and large volume production, every project is completed on time at a low cost.

Aerospace Component Casting Portfolio

Having garnered experiences from working with different global brands, we implement all the knowledge gained in casting a series of aerospace components that stand out in the industry. Examples of our casted aerospace parts include actuator components, cargo systems, bearing cages, landing & breaking components, hydraulic fluid system components, and impellers.

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Dedicated Support From Casting Specialists

Consultation & Design Analysis

To ensure that you receive the best service in meeting your needs, you get one-on-one consultation service with our casting specialists to discuss your pain points as they offer the best solutions. This helps to save time and money.

Rapid Prototype

After the conclusion of the design analysis, rapid prototypes are made to confirm the functionality of the part. This helps to notice and eliminate design flaws and other costly problems that could happen during mass casting.

Approved Sampling

Samples that are highly functional and most importantly in accordance with your specifications are casted. Afterwards, they can be custom finished through plating, electropolishing, painting, etc. This makes it a convenient and affordable option for a variety of applications.

Manufacturing Excellence

As a leading metal casting manufacturer, all our products are very durable, detailed, and possess excellent properties, such as resistance to corrosion, wear, and chemicals.

Quality Management

Having specialized quality managers who ensure the implementation of our established quality control processes, we provide in-house inspection and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services to certify the reliability of the castings.

Hassle-Free Logistics

With a vast knowledge and understanding of all types of metal and casting methods, the best set of agricultural parts that are applicable in the most demanding scenarios are produced and delivered on time.

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