Casting Services

Having a wide range of capabilities, TLP Casting produces all kinds of metal parts, including high strength and lightweight components. Carrying out all manufacturing processes in-house in our well-equipped plants, simple and complex parts are casted with superb surface finishes and great dimensional accuracy, ensuring that they have no flash or parting lines.

Casting Services By Type

Investment Casting

With an extensive knowledge in manufacturing metal parts through investment casting technique, precise castings ranging from 2 oz. to 150 lbs are created. For better portability and mobility, we help reduce the weight of your casted parts without sacrificing the quality and fulfill orders within a short lead time.

Die Casting

At TLP Casting, no project is too small or big. We work closely with you in designing and developing your quality metal parts while sticking to your budget. Top-notch production that results in the increase of your business image and competitiveness is guaranteed.

Casting Services By Materials

Stainless Steel Casting

Highly valued for its strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel is a versatile alloy that can be used across several applications in the medical, automotive, aerospace, and other industries. It’s an aesthetically pleasing alloy for casting custom machined parts.
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Carbon Steel Casting

Containing carbon as the major alloying component, it can be processed to obtain a wide range of properties. It provides good ductility, wear resistance, and can be hardened through heat treatment. This is why it’s often used in a variety of applications.
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Aluminium Casting

Aluminum is an excellent option for all kinds of parts as it is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, versatile, highly functional, durable, and can be used to manufacture precise and quality metal components. It’s a popular alloy that’s used in everyday life, ranging from baking sheets to truck running boards to airplane wings, and many more.
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Zinc Alloy Casting

As a result of its extraordinary physical and chemical properties, zinc is commonly used across many industries, especially for automotive and medical applications. It can also be used to make components like pumps, gears, bushings, valves & fittings, and electrical casings & housings.
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Strategic Design Turn Your Custom Part Into Reality

Our experts will help you with your designs,material selection, manufacturing processes and all other custom finishes of your project. Let us help you get started with your custom metal casting parts order by scheduling a professional consultation right away.

In-house Manufacturing Excellence

TLP Casting is one of the top casting manufacturer companies in China, with every aspect of our manufacturing process completed inside our self-owned plants.

We want to exceed our customers’ expectations, provide products that best suit their needs. We believe that quality starts with selecting the best materials and using the most efficient manufacturing techniques.

Casting Expertise

Not sure which manufacturing option fit to your products?

No worries! We understand that getting the perfect custom metal casting that meets your needs can be pretty tricky. Our casting experts are here to support you with:

Tailored solutions

A solution for every industry.

TLP Casting has come to know the intricacies of many different industries and has extensive experience providing metal solutions to businesses worldwide.

Streamlined Casting Service

360 Casting Coverage

Full Management

We are an ISO 9001:2005 certified company that prioritizes quality production as periodic checks are carried out at every stage, such as raw material inspection, dimensional inspection, and a final special inspection.

Save Costs

Our cost is relatively low and highly competitive as all activities are carried out within China. Also, the whole production process, including R&D, manufacturing, and packaging are conducted in-house, which helps you to spend less.

Customer Centric Support

You enjoy one-on-one services with our highly-skilled and experienced casting experts who evaluate your pain points and recommend the best solution that caters to your needs. After the order is completed, we follow-up to render further assistance.

Experts of Complex Parts

Having all the needed equipment and capability, we welcome every challenge thrown at us. Over the years, TLP Casting has built a track record of expertise in making all kinds of metal parts, including complex parts with intricate geometries.

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