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One of the oldest known metal forming techniques that’s based on lost-wax casting. TLP Casting majorly uses two types of materials of investment casting, which are stainless steel and carbon steel. Metal mold and parts manufactured through this process are very versatile, resistant to heat, and have high dimensional accuracy.

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This is a metal casting procedure that’s characterized by injecting molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity. With our great technical expertise in two major die casting materials (aluminum and zinc), TLP Casting casts extremely intricate parts with excellent surface finish in high volumes.

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What Makes Us Different

Engineered to be Nimble

We work with you to optimize part designs for more efficient production. This makes the metal casting process easier as errors are identified and eliminated, which help to reduce cost and fasten production.

Injection Tooling

Having great expertise in manufacturing parts with injection molding, optimal precision and accuracy is guaranteed. The products are made according to your design, ensuring that they have tight tolerance.

Rapid Prototype Castings

After concluding on the designs for your casted parts, we start making samples to confirm their validity. This helps to avoid expensive tooling charges that would be incurred during production and also result in a short lead time.

Hold Tight Tolerances

Considering the size and shape of your metal part, as well as the type of tolerance (linear tolerance or geometric tolerance), all effort is put into ensuring adherence to the required standard.

Customized Packaging

Having a third workshop that’s mainly for R&D packaging, our highly skilled engineers make custom packaging that protect your metal parts. They can be designed to have your brand name and logo to promote your business.

Industry-specific Experience

With our 20 years of experience in providing premium solutions across many industries, such as medical, automotive, aerospace, and oil & gas, we’ve garnered sufficient knowledge in providing solutions to all needs with low risk.

TLP Casting is Dedicated to Exceeding Expectations

Over the years, TLP Casting has partnered with over 50 super brands, offering assistance to all their metal casting needs. With great specialty in turning drawings, designs, and concepts into solid products, we conform strictly to the industry regulatory standards with the ISO 9001 and ISO/TS16949 certificates to prove our capability.

Having three workshops (investment casting workshop, die casting workshop, R&D packaging workshop), all manufacturing processes are carried out in-house. This helps to ensure conformance with customers’ specifications and quality standards.

Casting by Industry

Case Studies

Delivering Total Casting Success with Real Results

Transfer lines for Petrochemicals

A leading international German company specializes in the safe connection and transfer of petrochemicals and other sensitive liquids. Since 1923, their hoses, couplings, fittings, expansion joints, and nozzles have been setting the standard, which in turn enable them to offer quality and durable products.

Heavy Duty Umbrella Base

This is for an Australian customer who deals with heavy duty support base products for parasols mainly used on beaches, pools, and outdoor decks. The products are sold worldwide through offline distributors and amazon.com. 

Commitment to Quality

And Go Green Initiative

TLP Casting prioritizes corporate social responsibility as it’s in our mission to reduce the amount of CO2 released into the environment from our manufacturing processes.

With the aim to promote environmental sustainability, we implement the “Go Green Initiative” that ensures that all stages of production are strictly monitored to make sure that the outside environment is not polluted.

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