Castings for Pumps & Valves

For over 20 years, TLP Casting has been manufacturing high precision metal castings for pump and valve applications using aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel, and carbon steel. Both hydraulic and pneumatic castings that are applicable to several industries, like aerospace, construction, and agriculture are produced. Having worked with many brands, we have solid knowledge of all the ferrous and non-ferrous alloys used in making pumps and valves.

Pumps & Valves Casting Portfolio

TLP Casting is an expert on manufacturing quality pump and valve castings in large numbers without sharp edges and pockets. As a specialist in this field, we produce several types of pumps & valves equipment, which include impellers, covers, butterfly valves, solenoid control valves, bonnets, and spool valves.

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Custom Design & Tooling

Every project is treated differently, providing unique solutions. Using our Design for Manufacturability Software (DFM) software, we make custom design and tooling that help to accomplish your project.

Rapid Prototype

Utilizing the expertise of our engineers and a range of 3D printed materials, prototypes are made fast at a very low cost. With this, modifications can be made quickly without extending the lead time.

Approved Sampling

Following the approval of the prototypes, high-quality durable casting samples that possess several properties, like resistance to corrosion and high temperature are manufactured. To enhance their beauty and durability, various custom finishes, such as plating and painting can be made.

Manufacturing Excellence

TLP Casting is a one-stop shop for investment castings and casting-based assemblies. Having three workshops (investment casting workshop, die casting workshop, and R&D + packaging workshop), all manufacturing processes are carried out in-house. Everything you need is under our roof.

Quality Management

As a certified ISO 9001-2015 manufacturer, the quality of our products is guaranteed. Following established quality control procedures, we ensure that all our products adhere strictly to the industry standards.

Industry-specific Experience

Over the years, we’ve developed a wide range of specialty as we’ve worked with clients across numerous industries, including pipelines, medical, food processing, and pressure vessels.

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