Castings for Construction Applications

Many of the construction components have unusual geometry, making their manufacturing very demanding. However, as a certified investment casting and die casting manufacturer, we make all kinds of construction parts, including staplers, to roofing hammers, socket wrenches, nailers, and torque wrenches. Our metal castings stand against wear, corrosion, and friction, making them last long at high performance.

Construction Component Casting Portfolio

Over the past two decades, we’ve served many construction companies with high-quality, durable casted parts used to fulfill their projects. We have an extensive capability in casting numerous types of construction components, such as bronze straight bushings, cylinders, washers, split bushings, spider bushings, and gear blanks.

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Dedicated Support From Casting Specialists

Consultation & Design Analysis

Our casting specialists are readily available to discuss with you concerning your challenges, recommend the best solutions, and work with you on the most appropriate design for your project. This minimizes future problems.

Rapid Prototype

Before investing in expensive tooling, you'll be provided with prototypes to show you how the castings will appear after production. With this, modifications necessary will be made immediately before embarking on production.

Approved Sampling

Following the acceptance of the prototypes, production of samples are done, ensuring that they are durable and of high-quality. Custom finishes such as plating, painting, and electropolishing can also be applied to improve the aesthetics and durability of the parts.

Manufacturing Excellence

Having specially assigned staff that monitors the production processes for compliance with quality at every stage, no stone is left unturned as the castings are excellently manufactured with no flaw.

Quality Management

In adherence to the industry regulatory quality standards, we ensure the metallurgical, metrological, physical, and chemical compositional properties of your products are appropriate.

Hassle-Free Logistics

Our casting specialists have all the necessary knowledge, understanding, and equipment to produce highly durable parts required for demanding construction applications. Shipping is made on time as we have an established delivery system.

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