Why 1000+ Businesses Trust TLP Casting

It goes beyond finishing a project. We care about building client relationships and investing our energy to help you exceed expectations with professional casting solutions.

First Class Service From Specialists

Following the differences in each customer’s needs, TLP Casting offers one-on-one service, giving you direct access to our specialists to discuss your pain points and get the best solutions. Our team is composed of professional and technical know-how casting engineers with years of experience in providing unique premium solutions for each project.

Lower Cost and Greater Value

TLP Casting has an established supply chain through which quality raw materials are sourced at competitive prices, thereby offering you reduced production cost. And thanks to our fully equipped factory and streamlined production lines, all manufacturing processes, as well as inspection and secondary operations are carried out in-house, ensuring strict adherence to specifications. We also comply with the ISO 9001-2005 quality management system, which further certifies the reliability of our products.

Unlimited Metal Casting Capabilities

With expertise in handling over 80 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys that have distinct properties, we offer unlimited metal casting services. This enables us to choose from diverse alloys to provide you with outstanding benefits, such as reduced cost, as well as metal castings that have great strength and are capable of resisting high temperature and corrosion.

No Project is Too Big Nor Too Small

TLP Casting is a professional investment casting and die casting manufacturer with years of expertise in executing projects using the two casting processes. Banking on our wealth of knowledge, we will advise you on the preferred casting method to use in meeting your needs. Regardless of your project size, complexity, or budget, the best solutions will be made and delivered to you on time.

Stringent Quality Control

TLP Casting is an AS9100 certified and ISO 9001 compliant casting manufacturer that adheres strictly with all dimensional requirements. In every production stage, we implement frequent checks to ensure that customers’ specifications are followed to the latter. Also, we carry out several secondary and support services, such as non-destructive testing, welding, and heat treating & hardness testing.

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