Precision Investment Casting Designed for You

TLP Casting is a professional and experienced investment casting manufacturer capable of making accurate metal parts that are uniquely designed for you through the use of stainless steel and carbon steel materials. Regardless of the complexity, budget constraint, or challenge that you have, your project will be achieved.

Why Choose TLP Casting

Low-Volume Production

Do you need just a few units of casted parts? With a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 500, you can get quality products at an affordable price.

Why Choose TLP

Endless Options

There is a wide variety of options to choose from. There are more than 50 casting alloys with various grades of metal that can be used for your project.

Quality Management

Our manufacturing process and raw materials comply strictly with the industry regulatory standards, including the ISO 9001, and Quality Management System.

Investment Casting Process

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Investment Casting Quality Control

Raw Materials Quality Control

We only source raw materials from certified suppliers with quality certificates to prove their authenticity. Immediately they arrive, they are inspected to confirm their reliability as any piece with an atom of irregularity is returned. Quality inspection records are kept for all raw materials.

Appearance Quality Control

All surface defects, including scales, cracks, air holes, shrinkage cavities, sand holes, etc are checked for. Our quality control experts conduct 100% inspection before shipping to clients. In doing this, they pick out castings with defects.

Chemical Composition Quality Control

We have Oxford spectrometers that can analyze the chemical components of metal alloys. Before the molten metal is poured into the mold, a portion of it is tested to ensure proper chemical composition.

Mechanical Properties Quality Inspection

To guarantee that the properties of the investment cast part are intact, various mechanical tests, such as hardness testing, tensile testing, and load testing are carried out. This is done to check for the performance and durability of the casted part.

Investment Casting Service By Materials

Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Having high resistance to wear and corrosion, stainless steel is commonly used for demanding applications without the need to apply secondary coating or plating. Industries that usually use this material are oil & gas, defense, medical, etc.

Carbon Steel Investment Casting

It’s also known as plain steel as it contains mainly carbon, which contributes to its properties. It is very hard and strong, making it suitable for several heat applications. Some of its uses include ground-based military vehicles and roughneck equipment for oil & gas operations.

Available Investment Casting Finishes

Stainless Steel Shot Blast

Using abrasive media, this finishing technique uses a fast impact process on the surface of the castings. It removes post-casting and heat treatment scaling which result in a uniform, even visual finish. This technique is quicker and more effective than fettling for flash and gate removal on casted parts.

Powder Coating / Painting

This is an effective, environmentally friendly, and high quality finish, which involves forming of a skin over the casting. Powder coated and painted parts have great resistance to impact, chemicals, moisture, and other harsh weather conditions. They retain their beauty and smoothness as this process reduces the risk of abrasions, scratches, fading, chips, and other wear & tear problems.


This finishing technique is commonly used to remove a thin layer from the metal part surface, thereby improving the surface quality by 50%. It’s 30 times better than mechanical polishing. Electropolishing is often used for equipment made with stainless steel and similar alloys which are applicable in the food and chemical processing industries.

Light Aluminium Oxide

Using aluminum oxide is a cost-effective way to get uniform finishes on products. It’s very similar to stainless steel shot blast, but uses a more abrasive sand-like media, leading to less shatter of the particles. This in turn, result in lower dust levels. Also, since it has a low content of iron, when used, it won’t leave any rust on the casting surface.
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Applications of Investment Casting

Having over 20 years of experience in providing investment casting services, TLP has garnered a wealth of knowledge to handle the most complex projects. No matter the requirements, be it the inclusion of intricate designs or short lead time, we are capable of meeting your needs. Our extensive capabilities extend to making casted parts for various applications, such as aerospace, oil & gas, and medical equipment & devices.

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