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Automated processes that reduce unnecessary costs in marketing, sales, customer service, order management and logistics. We aim to become the world’s most trustworthy, well-known casting manufacturer.

We believe in doing things differently.

TLP Casting locates in Qingdao, the third biggest port in China. We have specialized in customizing metal part for automotive, construction, gas and oil, food service, and agricultural machinery. Various materials can be applied to Investment casting and die casting.

There are about 180 employees in our factory. We can produce more than 600 tons per month, and the development product has accumulated 1000 kinds. TLP Casting has more than 50 customers all over the world. Some of them have relationship with TLP for nearly 10 years。

Our mission is to help customers to make profit by saving their cost, solving technical issue and delivering high-quality products and reliable service.

A factory for the future

A modern manufacturing model.

Our 100% owned factory and vendor integration is a model for modern manufacturing. It puts us in a unique position to eliminate the staggering waste and overproduction that makes casting parts a leading contributor to climate change. Our owned factory empowers greater sustainability at every step, from a cleaner supply chain to happy working conditions.

A factory for the future

Best-in-class benefits.

At TLP Casting, we’re one global team sharing best industry practices. Our factory team enjoys best-in-class factory benefits and a wellness-focused workshop environment, which has resulted in an exceptionally high retention rate.

A peek at the workshop.

Collaborative Vision

Our sustainability pillars.

By owning our own factory, we’re uniquely positioned to set best-in-class environmental and social standards in pursuit of a zero-waste future.

We’re only as sustainable as the wellness of our people and communities, so our work environments are built on inclusivity and collaboration.

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