Castings for Oil & Gas Applications

With an understanding of the fact that components used for oil and gas applications must be resistant to corrosion and highly durable, we select only the best materials to make our castings. For the past 20+ years that we’ve been in operation, TLP has served many oil and gas plants with high-quality castings that enhance their activities.

Oil & Gas Component Casting Portfolio

We have a wide range of expertise in manufacturing different casted parts, including those with complex cored passageways, extremely thin walls, and close tolerances. Some of our products are filter screens, valve components, pump impellers, down hole drilling components, ramps, and drill tiles.

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Dedicated Support From Casting Specialists

Consultation & Design Analysis

Our casting specialists are available to help with anything ranging from design troubleshooting, to choosing the best material, running a detailed cost budget analysis, and other factors that influence the success of your project.

Rapid Prototype

Immediately after the analysis of your design, prototypes are quickly made for you to have an idea of what the finalized components will look like when released to the market. Judging from this, you can make further suggestions that will be implemented immediately.

Approved Sampling

With an option to choose from various types of metals, high-quality, durable casting samples that encapsulate your requirements will be made. Heat treatment and hardness testing in conjunction with custom finishes like plaiting, painting, and electropolishing are performed to improve your products beauty and durability.

Manufacturing Excellence

Carrying out all manufacturing processes in our fully-equipped production base, durable, detailed parts with long life-cycles and excellent corrosion resistance are produced. They are unique, outstanding, and better than other options on the market.

Quality Management

In addition to having designated experts who inspect the products at every stage to confirm their durability, we use our Oxford spectrometers to measure the metallurgical, metrological, physical, and chemical compositional properties of the castings.

Hassle-Free Logistics

Our casting specialists are highly-skilled engineers who are specialized in producing the best castings within a short lead time. And have an established logistic plan that makes the shipping of your products very seamless.

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