Castings for Automotive Applications

The automotive industry is very important for many applications as construction equipment, tractors, agricultural machinery, forklifts, specialty large trucks, and every individual depend on it. This means that automotive parts must be of high quality and performance. At TLP Casting, this is made possible as castings that are manufactured don’t just perform highly but withstand damaging factors and last long. Using different materials, a series of castings that apply to all automotive applications are produced.

Automotive Component Casting Portfolio

We have an extensive exposure in the automotive industry, producing casted parts at low cost within a short lead time. Over the years, we’ve worked with many brands and have built our capabilities in casting all types of automotive components, such as rocker arms, shifter forks, backing plates, strut mounts, brackets, etc.

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Dedicated Support From Casting Specialists

Consultation & Design Analysis

You get one-on-one opportunities with our casting specialists to discuss your project while identifying the design, budget plan, and making recommendations on the best solution.

Rapid Prototype

Thanks to the availability of our cutting-edge machinery and advanced technology, prototypes are made rapidly in accordance with the details of your requirements at a low cost.

Approved Sampling

Following the making of the prototype, high-quality, durable casting samples are manufactured. And custom finishings, such as plating, electropolishing, painting, and coating can be applied to improve the aesthetics and durability.

Manufacturing Excellence

TLP Casting have been in operation for over 20 years and have gained a pool of knowledge and experience in manufacturing replicas of customers’ designs. You will be provided with castings that has tight tolerance and match your custom design.

Quality Management

At TLP Casting, only the best of the best materials are used. All our raw materials conform to the ASTM and AMS alloy specifications, which helps in achieving quality production. Qualified with certifications from ISO 9001 and Quality Management System, our products are worth your trust.

Industry-specific Experience

Having a full grasp of all that the automotive metal casting process entails, we make use of the investment casting and die casting method to manufacture automotive components that stand out in the industry.

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