Custom Metal Casting for Every Industry

TLP Casting is a reputable manufacturer with extraordinary capabilities and extensive experience in producing all kinds of metal cast, including parts with simple and complex designs for your industry. With over two decades of professionalism and experience, we’ve served over 50 big brands worldwide, providing them with unique solutions that cater to their needs.


With great precision, several castings that are used in many hospital and clinic equipment are made. They include MRI equipment, X-ray equipment, CAT-Scanners, blood testing analysis machines, surgical components, and medical tools.

Pumps & Valves

Utilizing our great expertise in casting pumps and valves, parts that alleviate tooling insert mismatch and free flow of liquid & air are casted. These parts are often used for pipeline, medical, food processing, waste management, and pressure vessel applications.


We specialize in the casting of vehicle parts and tools, including hard-to-find antique components for all models of vehicles on the road. Some of them are rocker arms, backing plates, brackets, strut mounts, and shifter forks.


TLP Casting produces various aerospace parts that are heat treated and quality tested to ensure optimal performance so as to withstand extreme degrees of heat, wear, and corrosion. Amongst them are actuator components, cargo systems, bearing cages, landing & breaking components, hydraulic fluid system components, and impellers.


Castings for this industry require the highest degree of strength and quality, which is why metal alloys with great mechanical properties, such as stainless steel are used. Examples of these parts include pump valves, handles and latches, rotary disks, sprinklers and spreaders, chain sprockets, and clutch pins.


From bronze straight bushings, to cylinders, washers, split bushings, spider bushings, and gear blanks, structurally sound and durable parts that are appropriate for construction applications are casted. Even the components with the most unusual geometry are properly casted.

Power Transmission

The demand for quality and reliable power transmission systems has never been greater. TLP produces high voltage substation power switching, storage equipment, pumps, control valves, combustor components, blood testing analysis machines, etc that pass the stringent industry requirements.

Military and Defense

Using a different range of alloys, parts that are used for making vehicles, aircraft, and firearms that are applied in the military and defense industry are casted. They are carefully produced to comply with strict manufacturing specifications to guarantee safety, reliability, and durability.

Oil & Gas

Durable oil & gas components are made from materials with high resistance to corrosion. They are used in refining, storing, and transporting natural gas & petroleum products used in the manufacturing, energy, and transportation industries. Some of them are filter screens, valve components, pump impellers, down hole drilling components, ramps, and drill tiles.

Case Study

Transfer lines for Petrochemicals

A leading international German company specializes in the safe connection and transfer of petrochemicals and other sensitive liquids. Since 1923, their hoses, couplings, fittings, expansion joints, and nozzles have been setting the standard, which in turn enable them to offer quality and durable products.

Looks very good. Please keep us informed if there is any change in the delivery date of the 100 samples. We are looking forward to receiving the documents for the air freight.

Zareefa Arije, ELAFLEX

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