Sand Casting Companies in USA

There has been a steady growth in the number of sand-casting suppliers in the United States. Sand casting is the process which does utilize the non-reusable sand moulds to form metal castings. Usually, it is a common production form for the metal components of all sizes, from the few ounces to numerous tons. Sand casting is not only versatile in terms of size of its products. Also, it can be able to create complex or even detailed casting as well as can cast nearly any metal alloy. Sand casting is among the limited available processes for the metal with very high melting temperatures including nickel, titanium and nickel. As a result of its flexibility, the heat resistance as well as low cost, the sand casting is among the most used casting process. Casting is produced by pouring liquid into the mould cavity.

What is sand casting?

Sand casting is a kind of casting process. The casting mold used in sand casting is generally composed of outer sand mold and core. Because the molding materials used in sand casting are cheap and easy to obtain, the casting mold is easy to manufacture, and can adapt to the single piece production, batch production and mass production of castings.

For a long time, it has been the basic process in casting production. Currently, internationally, in all casting production, 60 to 70% of the castings are produced with sand molds, and about 70% of them are produced with clay sand molds.

Sand Casting Parts

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Sand Casting Manufacturers in US

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3Axis Development, Inc. 

In the changing economic times, we can be facing requirements to be able to do less. 3Axis Development Inc. does provide you with access to a single source buying option which can support their program efforts. This company does have a team which has enabled it to grow as a service company by gauging the marketplace as well as being able to deliver programs which fit the manufacturing requirements in the current domestic as well as global economy.

Deeco Metals 

Deeco Metal only does supply large mill-run quantities in the range of hundreds to even thousands of pieces as well as pounds. Using their high-quality in-house foundry casting processes, they also offer custom metal extrusion as well as castings manufactured to the exact specifications. From the cast as well as forged parts to the brass extrusions and the machined components, the company does provide metal parts or even components and products which you need. From the simple to the complex metal parts, the sand casting is a very versatile casting process. The company makes custom sand cast parts which can easily be manufactured in various shapes as well as sizes. The company does provide high quality machined castings.

US Aluminum Castings

The company was founded in the year 1909, and it is part of the Morel Foundry family. For the last eight decades, the company has been able to supply sand casting to various industries ranging from aerospace, US commercial as well as other industrial sectors. All the products as well as services which are provided by US Castings, LLC is going to be able to meet or even succeed the customer requirements. The company is highly committed to being the premier manufacturing facility. Every employee puts their best when it comes to procurement, support, production, delivery service or even the management provided.

Aluminium Castings Company LLC

Aluminium Castings Company LLC was established in the year 1964, and it is a subsidiary of the Galesburg, Illinois in the United States of America. The company has been able to supply high-quality aluminium sand castings to very many loyal customers. From the prototypes to be able to manufacture thousands of pieces as well as small aluminium sand castings to the large castings, their customers have loved their reliance onto their superior sand casting which can be highly cored as well as delivered when promised at a very competitive cost. The company has specialized in the supply of both cored as well as uncored parts in the various aluminum alloys of all sizes as well as volumes that do include prototype casting.

Bremer Manufacturing Company, Inc. 

This company began its operations in the year 1937 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company is a trusted aluminum casting foundry in Wisconsin and it does have an extensive history in high as well as low volume aluminum casting production. This company does specialize in the complex as well as highly cored aluminum casting for the various application in sizes which ranges from the few ounces to the 125 pounds. All this gets to be produced on the state-of-the-art equipment. Their processes are cost-effective and efficient hence saving the customers both time and money.

Quaker City Castings 

Quaker City Castings began in the year 1932, and the company has earned reputation as the best supplier of the best as well as high-quality centrifugal castings in the world. Their commitment to quality as well as customer services sets them apart from the competition. The company does have a reputation for being able to produce castings to the exact precision for the wide range of demanding, the highly critical applications as well as high performance. The company continues to invest in the equipment updates to their lab, their testing facilities, employee training, as well as production capabilities.

Buffalo Metal Casting Co., Inc. 

This company is a very reliable single-source supplier of the non-ferrous castings as well as finished parts which do serve worldwide. All the steps of the metal casting process, from the pattern, making to precision machining as well as assembly, get to be performed in the house under the supervision as well as control offering you with quality assurance that you expect as well as peace of mind that you deserve. Their extensive capabilities from the Prototype casting to the high volume runs- enable them to be able to handle any job on behalf of you. This metal casting company can handle both services as well as the sand casting services.

Kimura Foundry America, Inc. 

Kimura Foundry America, Inc does have a state-of-the-art machine which ensures that work gets to be done to the highest quality. The company provides that there is a safe, clean as well as smart environment while at the same time offering you quality castings as well as small-lot production services. This company started foundry environment concept and from then it has been able to prove successful as well as active throughout the industry as well as globally.  The use of 3D printing technology for rapid prototyping is what is done in this company which ensures high precision.

Modern Aluminum Castings Co., Inc. 

The company began in 1919, and it has been able to build a reputation of high quality as well as engineering excellence to assure the complete customer satisfaction no matter what type of casting that you require. The company does offer full alloy sand casting service from the design to delivery. There are domestic as well as global suppliers who are ready to meet your casting requirements. The company is willing to work with you at every stage of production, ranging from design as well as casting to finishing as well as on-time delivery. Their engineers, as well as technical staff, will help you in solving complex problems.

RPM Engineering Corp. 

RPM Engineering Corp has over 50 years of experience with off-shore manufacturing as well as specializes in various types of metal forging as well as casting such as permanent mold casting, squeeze casting, investment casting etc. Instead of using the sand as a mold material, the metal is used as the mold. Well, the cast iron or Meehaniite gets to be used as mold material as well as cores have been made from metal or even sand.

The Electric Materials Company 

The company was established in the year 1915. This company is located in North East, Pennsylvania midway.  The company does provide multiple in-house capabilities which make them superior to the other electrical materials which only does offer some specific services as well as manufacture a fraction of what the company can be able to provide to their customers. Among them, they include Field support, Plating capabilities for their many products lines and many more. As the only local copper producer that is capable of extruding, forging and machining copper, this has allowed them to accommodate as well as produce the highly engineered copper products to meet the detailed specifications quickly.

Ferralloy Inc. 

Ferralloy Inc was established in 1918 in Cleveland, Ohio in the United States, and it does operate a manufacturing facility which is located in Wuxi in China. The company supply both machined as well as roughcasting to the wide range of industries. Serving needs of companies around the globe, typical applications do include items such as a valve, pump as well as impellers. Also, the company offers sand casting as a low-cost method for producing both the small as well as large parts from the wide variety of ferrous as well as a non-ferrous alloy.

The HILL and GRIFFITH Company 

The company was started in 1896, and from the concept of quality was adopted. From when it began its operations, the company has been recognized for the many first. The company has been able to contribute form mold release agents as well as metal and the concrete casting lubricants. With ongoing investment in research as well as development, the company has achieved unmatchable leadership with the introduction of new technologies and the quality supplies.

Bunty LLC. 

Bunty LLC. Was founded in the year 2000. The company does service automotive, aerospace, medical as well as energy industries. Some of their customers include the largest tire manufacture globally, Tier. The company does understand the importance of quality control and quality inspection. A quality inspection is carried out by the independent party. This does involve inspection of the parts which produce machines as well as processes, platform inspection, during production inspections and final random inspection.


The company was established in 1972 in Kendallville, IN, and the company has been able to hold a reputation for quality, service, value and integrity. Starting with the design specifications, the company does create a personally customized production plan which will lead on time as well as precision castings. The company does understand their future progress does depend solely upon the satisfied customers in which they are committed to making them the top priority. When it comes to the aluminum sand castings, they do have stringent standards for quality control. They test aluminum for both chemistry as well as gas porosity throughout their processes as well as adjust as needed.