Quality Assurance 

Tianluping offers a wide variety of in-house investment casting quality verification and product testing services to provide inspected, approved qualified cast products for our customers before delivery. Common Testings are as below :

Dimensional testing

There are some common measuring tools: vernier caliper, depth indicator, and dial indicator.

They are the most direct and simple way to test the dimensions and tolerances by hand. To ensure qualified products, we need to test the castings by measuring tools one by one according to the drawing. 

CMM  is one of the most accurate ways to test the dimensions of components. We can measure certain dimensions according to the drawing requirement.


Different materials have their own characteristics.

TLP tests and records the chemical composition of material accordingly to avoid any composition error of elements that might bring trouble to our customers.

The spectrographic instrument TLP owned is Oxford Spectrograph (Germany Brand). Before pouring, we will test the sample’s composition of each element by the spectrograph, and the recorded result will show if the material is within the range. And each batch testing result will be recorded in our laboratory room for future tracing.

Wenzel Coordinate Measuring Machine (Germany Brand)

Oxford Spectrograph (Germany Brand)

Impact Testing Machine

Tensile Tester Machine

Salt Spray Chambers

Brinell Hardness Tester

Rockwell Hardness Tester

Cold Test Chamber