Die Casting Manufacturers in USA

The global aluminium casting market continues to grow from strength to strength and reports indicate that this trend is set to continue. From making vehicles to component parts, aluminium or die casting continues to come in very useful. The following are the best die casting manufacturers in the USA.

Die Casting Manufacturers in USA List

ATEK Metal Technologies

For over 50 years, ATEK Metal Technologies has delivered superior aluminium castings that meet the specifications of the most demanding industries in the world, from motorsports and recreation to transportation and industrial markets.

The company has steadily grown into a leading provider of quality aluminium sand casting and machining services, and it provides full-range value-added services to customers.


Kinetic Die Casting, Inc.

Kinetic Die Casting, Inc. has been in operation for more than 25 years. That is enough time to build a loyal customer base who are pleased with the products it manufactures.

Furthermore, the company is an American Jobshop Aluminium Die Casting Company. A jobshop aluminium die casting company produces aluminium die casting parts for OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) for their products.


Pacific Die Casting

Pacific Die Casting is an excellent full service die caster based in Commerce, California. It also provides tool and die making, machining, metal finishing and more.

Despite the high quality of services and products, the company offers low prices that attract customers from all over the country. Founded in 1951, the hands-on ownership means that the company retains its historic commitment to quality and customer service.


PHB Inc.

PHB Inc. is a frontrunner in inventing, designing, and manufacturing of superior aluminium casting components. It is a U.S. based company, and full-service manufacturer of quality products in the aluminium die casting, zinc die casting, CNC die casting machining and contract CNC machining, plastic injection molding, rubber molding, tool & die and injection molding industries.

The company has a mega-plant in Pennsylvania from which it has produced castings for some of the largest OEMs in the United States.


Blue Ridge Pressure Castings

In business for over 60 years, Blue Ridge Pressure Castings delivers world-class quality and competitive pricing from its facility in eastern Pennsylvania. As masters in aluminium die casting and machining, the Blue Ridge team meets the highest quality and delivery standards on complex components which other die casters walk away from.

The company extensively uses the latest advancements in technology, which is one reason why robotics is used extensively, in both casting and machining cells, to maximize efficiency and quality.


A&B Die Casting

For over 70 years A&B Die Casting has been serving worldwide manufacturers with low-to-medium volume aluminium, and zinc die castings. The company has an experienced team that steadily creates solutions for customers production needs from the formative stages of engineering and prototyping to machining, finishing, assembly, packaging and shipping with adherence to exact specifications.


Carteret Die Casting

Carteret Die Casting is an ISO Certified, world-class producer of precision custom zinc die castings, serving customers in North America and around the globe. Founded in 1960 by Joseph A. Dapsis, Carteret has established a reputation as a leader in the production of precision, close tolerance zinc components.

From its humble beginning, the company has expanded into a 21,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with over 20 modern casting machines, with ranges up to 250 tons.


Modern Aluminium Castings

Established in 1919, Modern Aluminum Castings Co., Inc. offers complete design assistance for wood and metal patterns, including close tolerance aluminium castings. The specialized knowledge of the company enables them to meet customer needs for aluminium sand castings requiring up to seven cores.

Due to highly automated production capabilities, the company produces quality products, reduces scrap and increases production rates. These efficient production methods provide precision aluminium castings, lower costs and on-time delivery for customers.


Hyatt Die Cast & Engineering Corporation

Hyatt Die Cast & Engineering Corporation is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of Aluminum, Zinc and Z.A. alloy die castings. The industry-leading operation of the company has created precision solutions for clients’ unique needs since 1956. As a “partner in producibility,” the engineers will work with customers to turn design into the best die cast part possible.

Its client base includes Fortune 100 companies and customers in the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Gaming, Electronics and Communications industries.


Aluminum Die Casting Co. INC. 

Founded in 1950, this third-generation, family-owned and operated manufacturing company has different capabilities, ranging from CNC machined billet prototypes to full production including plating, painting, powder coating, silkscreens, mechanical assembly including Helicoils, Pem inserts and custom-engineered stainless steel inserts.

The company now occupies a 35,000 sq. foot facility in Mira Loma, California. This location is convenient for customers, vendors, and employees, and it is very close to Ontario International Airport.


Pace Industries

Founded in 1945, Cambridge, a division of Pace Industries, has been providing contract manufacturing die casting worldwide for more than 65 years. A 300,000-square-foot facility provides a large environment for expert manufacturing services.

The division has both aluminium and zinc die casting capabilities, impressive CNC machining capabilities, impregnation and chromating capacities and full assembly contract manufacturing. It also focuses on value-added services, producing higher-end components and serving a number of different industries.


Northern Iowa Die Casting, Inc. 

NIDC is your start to finish provider of quality aluminum and zinc die castings with full machining, finishing, powder coating, and assembly capabilities. Utilizing multi-function project teams, they guide your project from quoting and Advanced Quality Planning, through tool design, construction and run-off to pre-production samples and Start of Production.


Technical Die-Casting, INC.

The company was founded back in 1975 and is located in South-eastern Minnesota. Technical Die-Casting has been providing innovative, responsive and dependable aluminium die casting solutions. The company’s commitment to quality, service and technology allows it to consistently meet customers’ needs and expectations.

They specialize in providing OEMs with quality castings at competitive prices and will work with customers from concept to casting with on-time delivery.


Twin City Die Castings CO. 

Twin City Die Castings is a full-service provider of precision Aluminum and Magnesium die castings, and is an employee-owned company. For more than 100 years, the company has made customized casting solutions for customers in automotive, recreational, industrial equipment, defense, aerospace, computer, HVAC, and medical industries.

TCDC maintains 184,000 sq. feet of space and approximately 25 high-pressure die cast machines ranging in size from 350 to 1000 tons.


Kurt Manufacturing

Kurt Manufacturing is a global leader in the manufacturing of precision, engineered metal components and products. With over 70 years of experience, Kurt Manufacturing excels at surpassing customer’s expectations. Kurt Manufacturing consistently delivers value through engineering expertise, efficient operations, and Advanced Quality Planning system.


Premier Die Casting Company

For over 70 years, Premier Die Casting has been dedicated to providing companies with superior die casting and tooling, along with metal finishing and CNC machining through state of the art machinery and processes.

The company has a 60,000 ft. plant on six acres. It has Centralized Melting with efficient furnaces capable of pouring various alloys. It also has 12 Aluminium Die Cast Machines from 550 Ton to 850 Ton Automated with Robots and Ladles.


Advantage of Die Casting Manufacturers USA

There are several advantages to having your die casting manufacturer located in the USA.

  1. High Quality of Materials

USA is one country with tough manufacturing standards. Hence, many of the products from there are high-quality products. From the materials used to the manufacturing process, everything is top-notch. By getting your die casting from USA, you can rest assured of high quality.

  1. Stringent Manufacturing Process

When it comes to quality control, you can rest assured that American products are closely monitored. There are organizations and bodies tasked with maintaining high standard of manufacturing processes. Therefore, since every process is closely inspected for quality, you can be assured that you are getting high quality.

  1. Latest Technologies

As a developed country greatly interested in creating goods and services, USA has manufacturers that are always looking to improve the quality of manufacturing processes by using the latest technologies.



Die casting is an extremely popular manufacturing process for creating metal products. Die cast parts produce high quality, uniform pieces that can be created in just about any size, part geometry, surface texture, or finish. Die casting processes offer the freedom to design intricate configurations with the assurance that components will maintain their integrity through disassembly, repair, re-manufacture, and re-assembly.