TLP is experienced in the challenging machining of alloys such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloys, and zinc alloys. The machining of these metals requires equipment with precision, which is why we are committed to the highest quality CNC machining equipment. Our experienced CNC programmer carefully examines each blueprint requirement including surface finish, profile, machining position, tolerances, and datum scheme for incorporation into fixture design/build and tooling specifications. A comprehensive inspection is carried out according to the codes in the control plan scheme developed individually for each product.

Hot Treatment

Technical Expertise To Give Customers Material Properties They Need TLP’S depth of experience in quenching, tempering, and annealing over hundreds of alloy grades help us meet customer specifications. This heat treatment expertise combined with our casting capabilities allows TLP to deliver our customers’ specific material properties. We offer computer-controlled oil, water, and air quench at multiple locations, with certifications including ISO9001. Heat treatment capabilities are available up to 1,200°C or more in dimensions up to about 3 m in length. If you have material properties or performance questions to discuss, talk to a TLP metallurgist. TLP will try its best to meet your needs.

Surface Treatment

Provide customers with the surface treatment they need TLP’s rich experience in steel, zinc & aluminum alloy and iron can solve the problems raised by customers. The knowledge of surface treatment is matched with our casting capabilities so that TLP can provide customers with the most suitable surface treatment solutions. The most commonly used process: Iron: anti-rust oil, sandblasting, shot blasting, spraying Aluminum & zinc alloy: anodizing, wire drawing, powder spraying, painting Steel: Crossmate, Dacromet, galvanized, polished, powdered, painted, sprayed, electropolished, black oxide.